Passion Life incorporates conversations, activities, real life scenarios and storytelling to help participants learn how to make healthy relationship choices. We have highly exerienced  and trained facilitators that care and relate to the youth.

Details about Passion Life Curriculum...

School-Connect is a leading provider of high school social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. Our 80-lesson multimedia curriculum is designed to improve high school students’ social, emotional, life skills and academic skills.

Curriculum Goals:

  1.  Creating a Supportive Learning Community

  2. Developing Self-Awareness and Self-Management

  3. Building Relationships and Resolving Conflicts

  4. Preparing for College & the Workforce

Class Examples:   

  • Using Active Listening

  • Focusing and prioritizing

  • Managing Emotions

  • Setting Life Goals

  • Empathizing with Others

  • Writing a Resume

  • Building a Budget

  • and more...